Gyeon Q2R Marine

Gyeon Q2R Marine Ceramic Coating.

A must have protective coating for gel-coat and yacht paint, protecting against UV-rays and oxidation. Repels dirt and minimises stains, highly water mark resistant and creates a superior water hating surface ensuring minimum drag in the water.

Pictured along side is the Official Ireland Olympic Team race boat which was prepared and coated prior to being sent to Japan for the Olympic Games.

After coating we ran through some simple maintenance tips with the guys to ensure correct after care, which will eliminate the need for continuous polishing before use.

In Brief (* Rating 1-5)

DURABILITY: 1-2 seasons

GLOSS: *****
BEADING: *****

(Every vessel is unique and conditions will vary, surfaces will require preparation prior to coatings being applied)

On site & off site service.

Suitable for sailboats, Jet Skis, Speed Boats, Day Boats, Cruisers.

Multiple maintenance products available, soon to be listed.

  • Bolt On Packages.
  • Gyeon Q2R Teak, Marine Wood Coating, Cost, POA