New Car Protection Detail

New car protection details have increased dramatically in recent years, protecting your new investment from the start is key..

Spending up to five days to prepare and apply coatings correctly is not achievable in a busy dealership environment. Here at The Detailing Company we have created specific and spacious detailing bays to ensure the optimum level of service if fulfilled.

Each client is in complete control, from the entail quotation which is email approved prior to the service commencing, daily progress reports can also be requested and with coatings available for every surface of the vehicles exterior and interior.

Being Northern Irelands first Gyeon Quartz Certified Detailer & Northern Irelands first FeynLab Accredited Detailer, we offer unrivalled protection packages to suit all requirements, including warranty programs provided via mobile app’s and book packs.

Maintaince is also a key factor, ensuring your ceramic coating stays at its optimum performance we have on offer all your care car needs available instore with educational tutorials and online shop facilities.

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