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  • Gyeon Gift Bag Large


    Gyeon Gift Bag , Large.

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  • Gyeon Gift Bag Small


    Gyeon Gift Bag Small, suitable for items 250ml – 1000ml.

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  • Gyeon Key Ring


    Brand new accessory from GYEON, show off your love for the brand.

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  • PRISM Mini


    Gyeon Prism Mini, a handheld LED inspection light designed to spot paintwork defects and illuminate those poorly illuminated areas for precision work to be completed along with all other general duties.

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  • PRISM Plus


    Gyeon Prism Plus jointly designed by Gyeon and Scan Grip is a true must have for two important detailing factors.

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    Q² AntiFog


    Gyeon Q2 AntiFog, a coating developed for interior glass containing hydrophilic, a water-loving ingredient that attracts and absorbs water, eliminating the development of condensation.

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  • Q2 Can Coat


    GYEON Q2 CanCoat  is a user friendly advanced Si02 based spray coating which offers superior gloss, self cleaning and extreme hydrophobic properties, developed as a spray on – wipe off product.

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  • Q² FabricCoat


    GYEON Q² Fabric Coat, a highly effective coating for all types of fabric, creating an extremely hydrophobic barrier to protect against spillages and staining with durability in excess of 6 months.

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  • Q² LeatherCoat


    Gyeon Q2 Leather is a spray sealant for leather that wont change the look or feel of even the softest leather, repelling dirt, preventing dye transfer, staining of liquid spillages and UV-ray discolouration in excess of 3 months per application.

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  • Q² LeatherShield


    Gyeon Q2 Leather Shield is an advanced coating specially designed to protect automotive leather, repelling dirt, preventing dye transfer, staining of liquid spillages and UV-ray discolouration.

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  • Q² Mohs


    Gyeon Q² MOHS  is the hardest automotive paint coating available to the detailing enthusiast and professional detailer available to the open market.

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  • Q² One


    Gyeon Q² One is an advanced quartz coating with a user friendly application process designed for detailing enthusiasts offering protection in excess of 10 months.

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